Our company Arex Fashion Ltd. has been on the market since 1993.

We are agents and distributors of men and ladies as well as kidswear for the territory of Bulgaria.
We have a very well-established network of customers and we work with one of the very best traders in the country.
During the years we have been developing step-by-step placing a strong emphasis on the excellent organisation. We are accurate and reliable business partners.

 Our aim is to present to the attention of our clients interesting, diverse and fashionable collections of leading European brands with perfect quality at good prices. Wе work with great desire, drive and inspiration, because we love our work and always do our best. We do our utmost best to present the brands in an excellent way in our showrooms and in the network of shops in the country.



For us it is a pleasure to present in our showrooms the collections of the brands we offer.

Each brand has its individual showroom.We aim to decorate our showrooms in a modern and pleasant way so as to create the right image of the brand, as well as a pleasant working environment for our clients.